Having literally grown up inside the tube at Tahiti's famed Teahupo'o -- one of the world's gnarliest waves, it is little wonder that Matahi Drollet became a surfing legend before he was even out of middle school.   Now, just 18 years old, Matahi's mastery of the world's heaviest wave has earned him worldwide recognition at Billabong's XXL Big Wave Awards the last two years, and is a local legend for being a scene-stealer during the filming of the surf epic 'Point Break 2'.  Even though he is a super talent, he shows humility and a joy for life beyond his years. He is most definitely one of the finest examples of Tahiti’s next generation.

He and his sister, Cindy, will be your Hosts on Hakanui's Surfari Packages.

Matahi Drollet rocks the tube at Teahupo'o in Tahiti Iti!

Tahiti's Matahi Drollet is only 18 years old, but his mastery of the world's heaviest wave shows skill, confidence, maturity and humility well beyond his years.