Manoa is a Teahupo’o icon and big-wave specialist who competed in the Billabong Pro Series from 2006-2013 and one of the very first to put Teahupo'o on the map.  But in addition to his illustrious career as a Pro Surfer, Manoa is today considered a true all-around South Coast Waterman.  He is an avid fisherman and free-diver, is one of Tahiti’s finest water patrolmen and a lifeguard certified in Water Rescue and Safety.  No fear; Manoa's got your back!

Roll this profile of big wave surfer Manoa Drollet in action.   As you'll see, the older Drollet is not only a Teahupo'o pro, but is a close friend of Kelly Slater and one of the first surfers to use jet-ski tows to catch monster waves.